• After being hearing great things from a friend, I contacted Venus to start my corp. She made the process smooth and I’m definitely coming back for future needs!
  • My husband opened another location so we purchased another nonprofit from 420docprep.com, they are dependable and reliable.
    Wanda P. CAlIFORNIA ORGANICS INC. Riverside, CA
  • I lost my paperwork, the whole binder in fact. 420docprep replaced it for a reasonable fee.
    Tiffany H. Green Star Organics Inc. Humboldt County, CA
  • We are new to California and came here for the Medical Marijuana Industry. we live it! We love it! Made an appointment with 420docprep.com and got lost. The Agent waited for us for 3 hrs! And, gave us a discount! Thank you 420docprep.com.
    Rafael Kush Call Delivery Inc. Valencia, CA
  • I purchased a second nonprofit from 420docprep.com and sold it to a friend. 420docprep.com prepared and filed an Amendment and I was able to transfer my nonprofit into my friend’s name and his new board members. Thank You! 420docprep.com.
    Jimmy Green Venus Organics Inc. The Valley, CA
  • As President of a large collective with over 4,000 members it was important for us to be able to have 420docprep to replace our nonprofit paperwork that was stolen during a break in. They sent a new corporate binder and ordered new certified copies within 24 hrs. Their service can’t be beat.
    John AAA Organics Inc. Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • My buddy got pulled over with 4 lbs of medicine in the car and no nonprofit paperwork! His lawyer said that he needed a Mutual Benefit Nonprofit Medical Marijuana Collective, 20 current membership agreements/members and an Authorization to transport. It’s all in the 420docprep.com package! 420docprep.com saved our A**.
  • I have been a Medical Marijuana activist for 30 years and have had dealings with the law in the past. Had to fight an arrest and won. It was worth the drive, the 420docprep.com Agent met me in person and I got my Nonprofit on my birthday! Thank You.
    Luis Green Relief Patients Collective Inc. Santa Maria, CA
  • Green Street Cannabis Club- I live in San Diego and decided to buy my first nonprofit from 420docprep.com. Was fast and easy and everything promised. Have purchased 2 more since then, would recommend the service to anyone.
    Wanda Green Street Cannabis Club Riverside, CA
  • I called the ad and found that 420docprep.com was the answer for all that I was looking for! I wanted to make my small grow legal and did not want to pay the expensive price for a lawyer. I did however, had a lawyer check all of my paper work to see if it was in order or correct and they were a little upset because the price was way less expensive then what they charge and it was all in good order. So I purchased it and I have not been happier!
    Darren Green Acres Farmers Collective Inc. San Louis Obispo, CA
  • I own a Hydro store and enjoy growing. I Called 420docprep.com and in one day I had my collective transferred into my name over the phone and internet! No Bull this is a Great Service.
    David Green Coast Trading Company Riverside, CA
  • Thanks so much Venus! 100 percent satisfied and thankful to have your assistance. You rock!
    Summit Trading Inc.
  • I called the ad and was very skeptical about this service. I ordered a custom nonprofit with them name I picked myself. They took half down with balance due when the paper work was complete. Great Service! I have referred many friends and purchased 3 nonprofits from 420docprep.com.
    Jimmy the Vendor- House of Kush, San Fernando Valley, CA


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