• Medical Marijuana Mutual Benefit Non Profit Corporation Articles of Incorporation Filed
  • in Good standing with the State
  • ​Attorney Approved Corporate Bylaws Included
  • California Comp 215 Compliance – Membership Agreement
  • Authorization to Transport Medical Marijuana
  • Authorization to Cultivate Medical Marijuana
  • Federal and State Tax Information
  • State of California Statement of Information ( FORM SI-100)
  • Information on How to Obtain a Seller’s Permit
  • Federal Tax ID Number/ EIN​


Agent for service is a person or agent for service company hired by a corporation to receive legal notices or processes on behalf of the Corporation. It can also be used to establish required legal address for out of state clients. We will be your agent for service and forward all documents to your private or out of state address in a timely manner.
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Your corporation must comply with applicable corporate laws and regulations under filing provision code section 1501-1. Maintaining records are vital to the existence of a corporation, In particular the minutes of shareholders and directors. Failure to comply with corporate requirement Code 15000 Sec. 9501 can result in loss of corporate limited liability status “Pierced veil” and exposing personal assets to Tax agencies, Courts, and Creditors. We will prepare and process your corporate minutes documents.
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We will prepare and replace the documents and your corporate binder including certified copies of your Articles of Incorporation from the CA Secretary of State and mail to you.
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Amendments are required to make corporate changes, We will prepare and file with the state of CA your corporate name, address and board member changes.
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You must be in good standing to dissolve your corporation, meaning that you owe no money in taxes or penalties. We prepare and file corporate dissolution for you.
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Disclaimer: are not attorneys, we are paralegals and nothing in this document is intended to be a legal
opinion or legal advice. If you need legal advice, you should consult a qualified attorney. gives instructions, consultations and teachings in accordance with California Attorney General Guidelines, California Health and Safety code 11362.5 and 11362.775, Prop 215 and Senate Bill 420. The state of California and 17 other states and DC, have passed laws allowing the medical marijuana patient programs which allows people with valid doctor’s recommendation to use cannabis as medicinal remedies, please check our Medical Marijuana Rules and Regulations by state page for state by state breakdown on laws and programs in place and qualifying patients/conditions., does not promote illegal sales or use of marijuana in any way. 420docprep promotes only non-profit Medical Marijuana Collectives in areas where there is a need for compassion for the local medical marijuana patient community. For-profit Medical Marijuana Businesses are illegal and the only way to operate a Medical Marijuana Collective safely and legally is as a non-profit corporation.
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