Process After Purchase

420docprep logoAs soon as NPO is selected off the list and purchase has been made we will email you all your documents and mail your certified copies in your corporate binder by priority mail. We will email you the forms that we need you to fill out, sign and email back. The Legal Disclaimer, states that we are not attorneys and give no legal advise. LON, states that you are taking over the responsibility of the nonprofit as of the date signed and our guarantee to you. The SI FACT Sheet, goes over how to fill out the statement.

Statement of Information, this is where we get the information from you to file with the state. As soon as we file your nonprofit in your name we email you state confirmation of filing and the state will also email you a copy of the filing.

EIN Authorization, we will apply for your EIN and Seller’s Permit online and print out and email to you.

Please note: If when we apply for your EIN and Seller’s Permit and if there are any system issues, information issues, and we are not able to obtain your EIN number online. You the client, will have to call the proper agency to resolve. Although it is not 420docprep.coms responsibility, we will help you with this.

We can have your nonprofit filed in your name 24/7 and have your collective up and running within 30 minutes of purchase!

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